I have been playing this awesome racer for a while now and it gets

more addictive everyday.

All this gameplay experience means I naturally have lots of tips and

tricks for those who wants to master the game double quick.


1) Save your Gold. Do not use it on speeding up the servicing or

updating of your cars. Be patient and let time do that and NOT your

gold. Use your gold only for gold-only upgrades for your cars or

gold-only car purchases.


2) Do not go off-road to cut corners, and avoid getting thrown outside

the track as much as possible. This will cause considerable damage to

your vehicle and require more frequent servicing. Which means more

waiting and less racing for you. So always use the breaks on those

corners- more on this later.


3) Set as much driving assists as possible to OFF (steering, traction,

brakes etc). AT the beginning turning Brake assists completely off

will seems daunting and arduous. So do it gradually. Setting high brake

assist will mean you will almost never go off-track by accident. But

this also causes the game to brake at the slightest turn and obstacle,

which means winning in the later racers will become impossible however

high your cars’ PR (performance rating) is. So set it one notch lower

to Low setting. This is the best combination of assisted braking and

player control there is. Low setting will make the game brake only for

the tightest corners while letting you brake for light turns and

letting you enjoy the game.
For some races though you will need to turn brake assists off

completely to win, such as for Speed Snap races using a

under-performing vehicle.


4) Learn the tracks. You will need to run through each track multiple

times before you get used to the corners and route before you can

completely master it and win. Remember practice makes perfect.


5) Brake before you come to the corner and then let off the brake as

you turn and then hit the gas at the end of the turn for best results.

Always try and keep as close to the corner as possible while turning

for best results.
This will also vary vastly depending on the PR rating of each vehicle.


6) Within a Series try and do the easy races first (such as Autocross,

Drag Race, Elimination, head to head, time-trial etc) as they usually

are pretty short and damage the car less and thus you can do a lot of

them before you need a another service break. This’ll mean you can hit

the percentage bonuses (25%, 50% 75% etc) for each Series faster when

you do these quick races. Keep the big Cup Races to the last if



7) When overtaking opponents, beware, some cars will block you or try

and smash you off the track. This is especially true for the

Indianapolis Speedway track. Some opponents will try to put you into

the outer railing, which will cause massive damage and slow you down

Also when someone tries to overtake make sure to return the favor and

smash em to the ground.


8) If you need more money to upgrade or buy new cars, try replaying

past races. This a quick and easy method to pile up the Racing



9) Upgrading cars costs lots of money and gold that can put towards

buying newer cars and unlocking new Series’. So only upgrade just

enough to win the next race or hit the minimum PR rating, and not just

for the sake of upgrading and spending your hard earned cash.


Unhappy Blog by Mahesh Walatara

Ok so there are many ways contractors can get scammed on oDesk or any other freelance site for that matter.

By following the rules below you can easily minimize the risk.

1) Avoid working for Jews. Jewish clients (from Israel) will pay pennies and will work you like slaves. This is true in real life as well as online. SO avoid Jews!

2) Avoid working for Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Muslims, Chinese, Asians- basically all Muslims and yellow people. They not only ugly but ALL of them are looking for FREE work in my experience. Especially INDIANS- AVOID INDIANS AT ALL COSTS! Sometimes Indians come pretending to be from US or Europe but they still are Indians. If they have even remotely an Indian sounding name (such as RAMA, SING, SIKH etc) avoid them at ALL COSTS.

3) Apply for jobs from Mostly white regions like the US, Europe and Australia…

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I bought my iPhone 5s (my first smartphone) back in November 2013. So having used it for like 5 months now I have some gripes with it that want to express in this post.

1) Transferring music from my PC to the phone via iTunes is a fucking mess. It is soo fucking complicated for something that should be so simple as a simple drag and drop. 90% of the time I have to give up after trying multiple times. FFS.

2) Trying to change Sim cards is a fuckin pain cos trying to remove the bloody slot with a thin piece of metal is such a fuckin nuisance. Also I never got the removal tool with my phone. Finding a piece of metal thin enough to fit in the slot is another major fuck.

3) No damn Radio Tuner. Even a $10 phone has one, but this $1000 phone does not.

4) Battery doesn’t hold much of a charge and I find myself charging it more than using the bloody phone.

5) Cos of its flat boxy build its hard to pick it up off a flat surface. This a where a rounded back might come in handy.

So yeah I am sick of this phone right now, wish I had bought a stupid Samsung.





Neurologists at the University of Minnesota who have been studying the effects of SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) of the RF radiation emitted by the Google Glass device have issued a statement saying that a month of constant use of the device will be the equivalent SAR rating to being in low Earth Orbit for 6 weeks.

This is a lot of RF radiation and they warn the likelihood that it will increase the instances of brain tumors is very very ‘high’.

Added to the fact the users will need to hook up to their phone via WIFI to download video will add to this RF radiation prevalent around the head area of the user.

So users are warned to limit use of the device if they want to live a long and cancer-free life.




I have been using the Payoneer Mastercard to receive payments from oDesk and other clients worldwide for about 5 years now. So I am well qualified to write this brief review on its pros and cons.

I find this option far cheaper than others systems, especially for people in countries that do not support PayPal as a withdrawal method (PayPal does not support receiving payments in a lot of countries). Earlier Moneybookers used to be my favourite and the cheapest option, but since they changed their name to Skrill their fees have skyrocketed, and thus Payoneer Mastercard is far better option for me. Plus the Payoneer withdrawal is lightning fast- withdraw from oDesk and you can get the money in the card within 2-5 minutes, and from there hit the ATM and *voila* cash in hand!

Or use the card on the internet or direct swipe at the supermarket, for which the fees are ZERO!

Plus my clients outside of oDesk can easily load my card direct using the Payoneer site from anywhere in the world.

Also Payoneer has a ton of other highly useful services for their card users. Such as the their US Payment system.
They give you a US bank account number (such as from the Bank of America) and you can give this to your clients or any US based company that you get money from and they can deposit the cash into that account and your card gets credited on this end- all within a few days!

Another way to earn money is through their amazing Affiliate system which gives you and the person who signed up using your affilaite link- both parties- FREE $25 when they sign up for free card!

So all in all I am extremely happy and impressed by the Payoneer solutions. I have sent and received so much money through their small card that it is mind boggling.

If you wish to get a Payoneer Mastercard, Click Here and receive FREE $25 for the trouble.


Tau Zero book review!

Finally I got around to read this classic Science Fiction book.

And I wasn’t disappointed.

What a ride- what a story- what an ending!

This really blew my mind.

The author Poul Anderson had some balls to pull off the ending that he did.

The story is bloody incredible with undertones of one of my all time favorite TV shows- Stargate Universe.

Recuperating from a long Nuclear War humanity has started to send ships to nearby stars, to explore and colonize.

One such ship with 25 men and 25 women on-board are sent on a trip to seek out a planetary system 32 light years away. Using a Bussard drive that harnesses the hydrogen between the stars to power the ship’s constant acceleration. However a run-in with an unexpected obstacle mid-flight disables the ship’s deceleration systems. Unable to slow down, the ship is forced to keep accelerating till it reaches billionths of a fraction under tau zero- light speed.

Time dilation effects cause billions of years to pass in the universe while within the passengers experience only minutes. Totally helpless they keep speeding towards the unknown, with no hope of ever returning.

This is definitely up there with the best SF I have ever read.

True Masterpiece.

iPhone 5s noBS review!

Watch my hands-on review of Apple’s latest and greatest.