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I have been using the Payoneer Mastercard to receive payments from oDesk and other clients worldwide for about 5 years now. So I am well qualified to write this brief review on its pros and cons.

I find this option far cheaper than others systems, especially for people in countries that do not support PayPal as a withdrawal method (PayPal does not support receiving payments in a lot of countries). Earlier Moneybookers used to be my favourite and the cheapest option, but since they changed their name to Skrill their fees have skyrocketed, and thus Payoneer Mastercard is far better option for me. Plus the Payoneer withdrawal is lightning fast- withdraw from oDesk and you can get the money in the card within 2-5 minutes, and from there hit the ATM and *voila* cash in hand!

Or use the card on the internet or direct swipe at the supermarket, for which the fees are ZERO!

Plus my clients outside of oDesk can easily load my card direct using the Payoneer site from anywhere in the world.

Also Payoneer has a ton of other highly useful services for their card users. Such as the their US Payment system.
They give you a US bank account number (such as from the Bank of America) and you can give this to your clients or any US based company that you get money from and they can deposit the cash into that account and your card gets credited on this end- all within a few days!

Another way to earn money is through their amazing Affiliate system which gives you and the person who signed up using your affilaite link- both parties- FREE $25 when they sign up for free card!

So all in all I am extremely happy and impressed by the Payoneer solutions. I have sent and received so much money through their small card that it is mind boggling.

If you wish to get a Payoneer Mastercard, Click Here and receive FREE $25 for the trouble.



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