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Finally I got around to read this classic Science Fiction book.

And I wasn’t disappointed.

What a ride- what a story- what an ending!

This really blew my mind.

The author Poul Anderson had some balls to pull off the ending that he did.

The story is bloody incredible with undertones of one of my all time favorite TV shows- Stargate Universe.

Recuperating from a long Nuclear War humanity has started to send ships to nearby stars, to explore and colonize.

One such ship with 25 men and 25 women on-board are sent on a trip to seek out a planetary system 32 light years away. Using a Bussard drive that harnesses the hydrogen between the stars to power the ship’s constant acceleration. However a run-in with an unexpected obstacle mid-flight disables the ship’s deceleration systems. Unable to slow down, the ship is forced to keep accelerating till it reaches billionths of a fraction under tau zero- light speed.

Time dilation effects cause billions of years to pass in the universe while within the passengers experience only minutes. Totally helpless they keep speeding towards the unknown, with no hope of ever returning.

This is definitely up there with the best SF I have ever read.

True Masterpiece.


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I have watched so many movies recently, and realized how 99% of them are CGI-bloated CRAP. So I look back on my Top Ten that I wrote up back in 1998 and realize that the only movie that I probably ever felt like adding to this list from recent years, is The Fellowship of the Ring. SO Today I write up my new list. Enjoy!

1) Star Wars ep. IV- A New Hope

This was, is, and forever will be the greatest movie ever made in my opinion- despite the changes George Lucas made to it in recent years- the only one of which I cannot stand is Greedo shooting first. I do like the effects upgrades of the new versions- just hope someday Solo shoots first like how it was originally- perfect! Anyway despite all this- there is none other movie for me- Epic, incredible, amazing. Just thinking about it gives me chills down my spine.

2) Raiders of the Lost Ark-

George Lucas and Steven Spielberg at their best! This is good as movies get, every single frame of this movie is a masterpiece in cinema. Harrison Ford IS Indiana Jones, and the action, humor, adventure, stunts all come together to create a living breathing entity called The Perfect Movie! You must watch the new restored versions in the cinema- or the Blu Ray editions which is the second best thing! The Blu Ray restorations are the Best I have ever seen in any Blu Ray. The images look like a movie shot today!

3) Star Wars ep V- The Empire Strikes Back

Another perfect movie- almost as good as the original, maybe better, with amazing action set pieces, stunning space chases, and mind boggling revelations- and Yoda. No CGI-loaded crap. Just awesomeness from beginning to end.

4) Se7en

The greatest serial killer/ thriller ever made. Unlike any movie of the type I have ever seen. Atmospheric, tragic, with a monumental ending. Pitt and Freeman in their finest roles. This movie sucks you in, makes you part of its world and spits you out, completely, utterly wasted 2 hours later.

5) Jaws

The movie that started the summer blockbuster era. A young Spielberg trying to make the best out of a limited budget, limited technology and an unrelenting water shoot. Perfect casting, perfect build-up and an explosive climax. The shark effects are amazing even to this day, especially the final moment when the shark jump onto the Orca and carries away the man in his jaws. But what really sets this apart for me is the interaction and chemistry between the characters. Such as when they are comparing scars and sharing stories during a brief respite in the action. Utterly staggering movie.

6) Terminator 2 Judgement Day

This IMO is the greatest action movie ever made. Its got Arnold in prime form (The No.1 action star EVER), Jim Cameron at the helm (IMO the greatest action director), amazing stunts and chases, groundbreaking special effects, and with a great story to back things up. Hasta La Vista, baby!

7) Aliens

Another Jim Cameron Masterpiece. A sequel to Alien, Aliens firmly puts emphasis on the plural aspect of its title. The poster tagline says ‘This time its War’ and it sure is that. Weaver gives an Oscar worthy performance, and the final unexpected battle between Weaver in the Power loader and Stan Winston’s Queen bitch is truly something that you don’t see everyday, or any-day for that matter. Not all the CGI in the Galaxy can come close to that.

8) The Abyss

Another Jim Cameron movie. Not that widely known, but it had a massive impact on me first time I watched it, mainly due to the never before seen quality of the underwater effects, but also due to the amazing performances, especially from the two leads. The story is also out of this world, and the emotional roller-coaster ride is simply second to none. Its got stuff you never seen before- submersible chases, underwater aliens, water-breathing rats, and a cast that had to go to hell and back to get it done.

9) Beauty and the Beast

Walt Disney’s greatest movie ever.The animations, settings, the colors, the music, the characters, all are simply perfect. No wonder this was the only animated production ever to be nominated for a Best Picture Oscar- it should’ve won too.

10) Fellowship of the Ring

I was never a Lord of the Rings fan. I only read the books after I saw this first movie. But this blew me totally out of the water. Adventure on a scale rarely seen before, and hardly ever done this good. First time I saw it I thought it was even better than Star Wars (eek)- it was that good. This has everything- epic feel, epic story, epic characters, and epic pacing and high adventure. The 2 other sequels felt like same-old same-old in comparison.

SO that’s it- my top ten- only movie that has changed is the final entry- To see the original list in a more visceral presentation- CLICK HERE

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