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So here’s my review of the new Superman movie. After considerable thought and meditation I have arrived at these views.

Its just crap.

Lets start with the actor. He’s nice. Physically right, but somehow he doesn’t have the acting ability or the character to pull of Clarke Kent or Superman IMO. He’s just riding on his looks and doesn’t have the ability to back it up with acting ability.

Lets check out the story.

They have done a few things right to improve things. Got rid of the stupid Lex Luthor villain and concentrated on the Genereal Zan or whatever. They have got rid of the stupid underpants on the outside costume. They have got rid of the soppy Lois Lane flythrough the skyscrapers bit- that fit perfectly with the original 70’s version but would look retarded now. The all star cast does some good as well. Escpecially Laurence Fishburne.

I hate how how the story jumps back and forth between timelines- its jarring and doesn’t fit the whole epicness of a SUperman movie. I hate how it doesn’t have any epic save scenes like in the orginals or the 2006 reboot- such as saving the space shuttle prototype and the jumbo jet (only thing good about the 2006 movie)- whatever scenes they do have are pathetic and doesn’t stick in mind or feel epic.

I hate the excessive obvious CGI. And the redundant scenes of city/building destruction that is required these days after The Avengers/Transformers movies (which did those far, far better).

I hate the overlong, totally stupid CGI battles on Krypton at the beginning, feels like the producers trying to justify Russel Crowe and his earlier Gladiator role, while trying to mimic Avatar.

And I hate the stupid CGI metalic displays of Krypton. Just cause you can do it doesn’t mean you should. Reeks of CGI and utter stupidity. Like the producers were determined to be different and settled on something utterly stupid.

And Lois Lane is totally forgettable, probably due to the retarded casting and terrible acting.

So yeah, there’s not a single moment in this movie which sticks in my mind in a ‘Ooo, now there’s something you don’t see everyday’ kinda way.

Which is very very sad indeed.


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