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Me new business site taken off due to overtreaffic 😦

Fucking rat fucks at biz.nf 😦

Gonna move to iPage.com soon as I get a new contract 😦



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I am broke these days :(

All thanks to the fucking Philippino yellow shit that bid on oDesk for a bowl of rice. Should be all Nuked.

All gooks should be NUKED! WIpe out the yellow outta humanity. *Vomit*

Yanks should’ve nuked the entire yellow region not just fuckin Japs.



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How sad 😦 Queen Bitch Petra has led the attack on me. I hope she rots in hell. Fuck you.

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I wanna stick my house down someones sad throat for a Rs 9.5million. 😦

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trauma and stress from last year still fucking me up 😦

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Have a sad day. 😦

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